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Tom MacDonald
Reverse Mortgage Advisor | NMLS# 210661 | 1-775-234-2355

Areas of Expertise

  • Reverse Mortgages
  • JUMBO Reverse Mortgages
  • Reverse Mortgage Refinances
  • Proprietary Reverse Mortgages
  • HECM to HECM Refinances
  • Financial Advisor Education & Business Growth

Common Examples of What a HECM Can Help You Do

  • Purchase a new home to fit your lifestyle needs
  • Protect your retirement portfolio
  • Reduce monthly expenses by paying off existing mortgage
  • Reduce monthly expenses by paying debt
  • Enhance your cash flow
  • Incorporate housing wealth into your retirement plan
  • Create an emergency fund
  • Increase cash to help ensure monthly bills are paid
  • Fund for home repairs or upgrades
  • Reduce the burden of out-of-pocket healthcare costs
  • Fund the expense for caregivers, live-in nurses, or other in-home care
  • Have the cash for a large expense, such as a vacation or vehicle

Introduction to Reverse Mortgages

Sometimes referred to as “Reverse Mortgages for Seniors” or as “Reversed Mortgages”

In the 10 years I have been doing Reverse Mortgages, I have frequently heard a client say they were going to use up their savings before they considered a Reverse Mortgage. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. It seemed reasonable.

Although reverse mortgages may not be the right solution for everyone, I believe anyone age 62 or older should know of their existence and have some current, accurate knowledge of how they work. In general, I think of a reverse mortgage as a cash flow instrument. If you have plenty of non-taxable cash flow to live the way you wish, then a reverse mortgage would likely not make any sense. If you find you cannot do all you wish, then a reverse mortgage may be worth investigating.

I think you’ll find these videos as a nice, quick introduction to the subject of Reverse Mortgages. I am hoping to educate you on some new facts that you may have not heard of yet!


“I’m very pleased. Knowing I have money available gives me the peace-of-mind that if I have any more medical problems, I have extra money to help me through.”

-K.Q. – Rohnert Park – Age 63

“Hi Tom – I can’t thank you enough for your hard work and perseverance in finalizing my reverse mortgage. My son (age 54) lives in Missouri and is under Hospice care for liver cancer. His sister has made 3 trips of 3 weeks each. My son-in-law and myself went back in late November for 2 weeks. Without the money from the reverse mortgage this would not have been possible. So again, I thank you.”

-G.C. – Santa Rosa – Age 81

“The Reverse Mortgage is wonderful! We repaired so many things around our house that after 56 years, it looks good. New fencing, plumbing, electrical problems that are now safe. And safety bars that were installed in and outside the yard that makes it safer for us. And we shopped for a new car, and finally, I got to select one that I liked. A pretty blue La Crosse Buick, and I love it. So thank you for being so helpful and nice to us. ”

-E. C – Napa – Age 83

“One of the best moves we ever made in connection with our retirement! We have great peace of mind.”

- C.W – Willits – Age 87

“We are very pleased with our decision of having opted for a Reverse Mortgage because it has allowed us to manage better our money. Furthermore, it has given us peace of mind and a sense of security about being able to handle unexpected expenses without depleting our savings. Most of all, we are very grateful for the services provided to us by Tom MacDonald. He made it so easy for us to comply with all the requirements and complexities of this transaction. ”

-T&G. D – Napa – Age 78

“Its really hard to believe it’s been almost two years since I received my RM. You can’t believe what I have been able to do – a sunroom off of my bedroom – a new kitchen floor – and when the engine of my van died at Christmas, I didn’t have to worry. A year ago Thanksgiving 6 of my friends and I (the Merry Widows) took a 2 week cruise to Hawaii, it was wonderful. This year three of us went through the Panama Canal, what a trip and this summer I am able to take my seven-year-old granddaughter to Disneyland. You made everything so easy for me and I can’t thank you enough. ”

-E.B. – Santa Rosa – Age 75.

“Tom MacDonald made the whole process (from ‘A’ to ‘Z’) painless and easy; the entire process from the time we were first introduced to him to the final closing was made easy and occurred in a timely fashion. We will be happy to recommend him to anyone planning a reverse mortgage. ”

-J.G. – Napa – Age 73

“I didn’t realize how having the Reverse Mortgage would take so much of the pressures I had off of me. I am so glad I made the decision and appreciate the help and patience you had helping me through it. Thank you.”

-B.W. - Napa – Age 66

“m always happy to hear from you at Christmas. It pleases me that we’ve kept in touch. And I’m always grateful for what you’ve done for me and answering my questions.”

-D.A. – Sonoma – Age 94

“I was very pleased with Tom’s knowledge of Reverse Mortgages. He was also very responsive to my calls. I think he is a super guy. I refinanced an existing reverse mortgage with a new one to gain access to more money. While I didn’t spend too much of my money the first time other than to pay off a mortgage, it looks like I will be spending like a trooper now. I have a number of trees on my property that need trimming. I need to re-carpet my home. I feel this was a good move. Without it I’d be in the poor house. ”

-B.W. – Napa -Age 93

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