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Tom has been working with Reverse Mortgage clients exclusively since 2002.  Plus a number of years prior to that before becoming a specialist.  This is considered to be a grandpa in the business since most originators are just now getting involved with Reverse Mortgages.  Originators are also referred to as Loan Officers, Lenders, Consultants and even by their real function - Salespersons.

While Tom has been ranked as a top performer (hundreds of loans totaling over $100 million), he continues to claim he is a poor salesman.  Like most people, Tom doesn't like to be 'sold' something.  He likes gathering information and making a purchase decision based on an analysis of that detail.  He doesn't like salespersons who try to use a variety of 'closing' techniques.  He knows them but feels you are never 'closing' on a long term relationship.

This website is designed along those lines - providing as much information as possible.  The good with the bad.  Most reverse mortgage websites are fairly generic.  Hopefully, you are getting value from this site.

If you are considering doing a Reverse Mortgage, consider working with Tom.  Like most other originators, he will be paid a commission by his employer.