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Jest For Fun

While I don't want to sidetrack you from your quest for good information about Reverse Mortgages, we all need to take a break occasionally.    Every so often I trip across something I think you might enjoy.  I may be irreverent at times but I'll do my best not to offend.  If I do, let me know.

I've safely been to all these pages but I always recommend Internet users have good anti-virus and anti-every-thing-else programs.

Old Forty Fives . com

This page allows you to go to an online jukebox with songs sorted by year or genre from 1950 to 1989.  It also has fun, nostalgic or make-you-think flash movies such as "Take Me Back To The 50's.  One of my high school classmates shared this with me.

Why You Need a Reverse Mortgage

This page contains a photo with a humorous reason why a reverse mortgage might avoid this situation.

What My Clients Do For Fun

This runs a short movie of an older couple playing a trick on a younger motorist.  One of my high school classmates shared this with me.

Letter To My Bank

One of my clients asked me this question.

Perks of Being Over 50

A list of 'good' reasons for being older.  Another one of my high school classmates shared this with me.  Are they trying to tell me I'm getting old??

Your House As Seen By . . .

A comic image of your home as seen by yourself, your appraiser, your lender, your buyer and your tax assessor.

1950's Nostalgia