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Introduction to Reverse Mortgages

Sometimes Referred to as "Reverse Mortgages for Seniors" or as "Reversed Mortgages"

This video mentions a few things I don't think you know about Reverse Mortgages.  I'm hoping to whet your appetite to learn more.

I think you'll find this is a nice quick intro to the subject of Reverse Mortgages.

* There are a number of videos on this website.  Start with the Did You Know page.

Reverse mortgages can be wonderful.  They may also not be the right solution for many.  I believe anyone age 62 or older should know of their existence and have some current, accurate knowledge of how they work.

In general, I think of a reverse mortgage as a cash flow instrument.  If you have plenty of non-taxable cash flow to live the way you wish, then a reverse mortgage would likely not make any sense.  If you find you cannot do all you wish, then a reverse mortgage may be worth investigating.

This website has been designed in much the way I make a verbal presentation to clients.  Start as I do with the 1 Minute Recap, then read on from there as you choose.

This site was created from my years of experience.  Not all lenders do business the same way as I have experienced.  Even though FHA has very strict guidelines for the HECM product, different lenders may have different guidelines or procedures for implementing FHA guidelines.  Some lenders may be more cautious or liberal than my experience dictates.  -Tom